air salons in Beverley

air salons in Beverley


How to Avoid an Embarrassing Trip to the Spa.

It’s always a lovely treat to book yourself in for a relaxing facial, massage or even a spray tan. If you’re not used to the usual etiquette and protocol when you turn up for treatments here’s a run down of things to avoid so it doesn’t spoil your trip.


Honesty is the best policy.

When calling to book in for your treat be sure to make sure you ask what your treatments entail, especially if you have sensitive skin, any dislike of oils or certain fragrances or even if you aren’t comfortable with a certain procedure. Be sure to arrive slightly earlier for your treatment to give yourself time to fill in your health card as thoroughly and honestly as you can, pop to the toilet and to cover any concerns or questions you may have with your therapist. Bear in mind that if you require significant changes to your treatment that it may be too late to alter timing when you arrive, so be sure to cover this when booking if you are unsure. A major aspect to bring to our attention is if you are pregnant or have any major health concerns please speak to us before booking a massage as the treatment may not be suitable.

If you are body conscious please don’t worry about being honest with our therapists about this. Many treatments can be adapted to suit your needs, if for example you have an injury or a particular area you don’t want to be treated. Be sure to give notice when booking  so you still get to have a pleasant experience and to ensure the treatment is right for you.


Avoid Excessive Eating and Drinking.

There is nothing worse for you than having to interrupt your treatment part way through to visit the bathroom. Having to get dressed again and then undressed to continue will disrupt your much needed relaxation time and cut your treatment time short. Ensuring you use the bathroom prior to treatment time and avoid excessive eating so you can avoid discomfort, especially if you will be lying on your stomach.


Facial Prep.

If you are heading for a facial remember to make sure that you are completely makeup free beforehand. The same applies for lash applications which goes without saying, spray tans too so you don’t go green, make sure you omit deodorant for this too! If your treatment includes a scalp massage check if it will include oils if you don’t want them in your hair.


Tie Up your Locks.

If you’re having a massage or facial be sure to tie up your hair before hand or at least bring a hair tie with you. There’s nothing worse than having your long hair stuck in massage oils or your hair stuck in creams on the side of your face.

So there you have it, to ensure you have the most relaxing enjoyable experience next time you visit your therapist make sure you are prepared and check you have followed the above so you get the most out of your visit.


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