air salons in Beverley

air salons in Beverley


Fun Hair Colour Trends To Try For Spring 2018.

Tutti Frutti

This gorgeous mix of summer fruit shades will have you bouncing into the office with all the joys of Spring, yet is pastel and pretty enough to make sure you’re not kicked out the office faster than you walked in. Perfect if your edgy needs to be toned down to fit in with the office attire.


Ashy toned Violets

Beautifully muted ashy tones of soft violet are so hot right now! Perfect for when your ice blonde just won’t behave or if you fancy updating your look!



Yes you read that correctly. An all over brunette base shade with hues of rosey copper pinks softly entwined throughout, a pretty take on the pink hair trend that shows no signs of slowing down soon.


Unicorn Fairy dust

Thats what we’ve decided to coin this beauty as! Muted ashy violets taking centre stage again melted into bubble gum pink gives the most amazing mix of soft and edgy we think we’ve ever seen, like it’s been sprinkled with fairy magic!


Festival Hair Colours



These get more amazing every year and hair brand Matrix are leading the way and tearing up the rule book this year with their new range So Color Cult hitting a salon near you (De Lacy Beverley, wink, wink, nudge) how bold will you go?



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