air salons in Beverley

air salons in Beverley


10 struggles only girls with thick hair will get.


When your fine haired mates say ‘Oh I’d do anything to have beautiful thick hair like yours’ but if only they knew the struggle those luscious locks give you and how sometimes just the thought of washing it brings you out in a cold sweat…. And don’t even start with styling!

Here are some of the most relatable struggles every girl with thick hair experiences.


  1. Hair bobbles are literally pointless. You’re patiently awaiting the invention of the worlds strongest elastic bobble to tame your mane.


     2. Youtube tutorials legit make you cry. Yes adorable cute little halo plait there

          Susan, quit showing off with your in control, non frizz prone, tidy little crown. #jealous.


     3. Why isn’t it dry yet?! It literally takes four years, six months and three days to dry it.


     4. Summer sucks. Because humidity. Clearly you’ve always wanted to recreate the

          Lion King.


     5. You spend more on hair brushes than actual products. What on earth do they

          glue those things together with anyway, sugar water?!


     6. Your bathroom cabinet looks like the hair care aisle in Boots. It takes 4923

         products to tame this level of crazy….daily.


     7. High Ponytails are the work of the devil. There are no words to describe the level

         of Pain after two hours of a high-pony. All of the weight, paracetamol before tying

         Your hair up is a thing.


     8. Your hair is literally everywhere. It’s on your kids, husband, the sofa, probably in

          the pasta….heck even the cat is coughing up your hair balls.


     9. Who uses up shampoo before conditioner anyway? You might as well have

         shares in the royalties the creator of conditioner receives.


   10. Hotel hairdryers. For the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph what was even the point?

         Wouldn’t even dry your eyebrow hairs.


But all of the above aside, lets just be honest and remember that none of your fine haired friends can do this…..


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